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9.6 Merc Biggest Losers

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  • 9.6 Merc Biggest Losers

    So i have been playing Soldier on and off since E4. This is not the original account and most on my server know.
    This WAS a nice class. Always used to being the underdog but versatile class. But merc became pretty op with perma blind and 0 cd wildstream. Then started the rebirths.
    Too many mercs to count due to that.

    Now most of these mercs will rebirth or hoh. Merc has to pay a big price to be able to tank.

    Mercs were never a basic attack class and never should be as the skills and debuffs see divine crash and guiding light(skill damage boosted no basic attacks)

    Let's look at this epic changes

    Wild stream 3 second cd - Even the slowest merc would have been able to spam 6 ws in that time again this makes merc dps drop quite a bit
    The damage of wild stream reduces based on the number of mobs in a group.

    Divine crash -
    reduced by 15% - this was one of the skills that kept merc damage on par with other classes due to the low skill damage modifiers and lack of new offensive skills. now its actually more viable to dual wield than spam skills

    Fix: Either damage modifiers on aoes should be increased or divine crash boosted
    Defensive stance -
    patk -60%
    hp x5
    Threat +70%
    crit power -10%(essenstially removing crit power from remorseless - 50 - 70 cp lost based on the base cp)-
    There is no difference between level 1 and level 10 so you cannot control the amount you want to lose for hp

    Turns invigorating essence off.
    lets look at this objectively compared to
    Berserker(comparable class in all other aspects) : Lvl 25 2h axe passive +150% patk - merc gets 20% from 2h weapon passive (see below for invig)
    Steel Presence 15% vit and 25% Hp per level. At level 5 75% Vit 125% HP. no loss of any stats - how is this balance
    Not to mention barbarian's rage

    Fix: Reduce HP to maybe 125% and 70% threat and make it reduce a lower amount of patk close to what invigorating essence does and make it not be a shared usage skill with invigorating aura. DO not take away CP,

    If i make all my gear +25 i can reach the damage out put of a far less geared Slayer or VM yet they are whining the most

    Invigorating essence:
    9.5: 15 % str/vit and 25% threat per level

    9.6: 30% str 10% patk + 6% str and 3% patk per level + card adds 2% and 1% respectively
    5+5 translates to : 70% str + 30% patk
    Mercenary is meant to be a damage dealer with ability to tank in the absence of Templars this was achieved with this patch
    But at what cost? mercenary can no longer be a good damage dealer nor the highest threat generator.

    You removed Vit from this toggle and made it a shared usage with new skill defensive stance. This reduces merc's base hp if not in defense mode.
    This reduces merc's pdef but That is a minor issue.

    Concern: without running defensive stance and running invig you should be able to dish out damage equal to a zerk or slayer. But this is impossible (Aassin impact / berserkers rage/ hunter impact) no equivalency for merc and the 2 other aoe skills have x45 threat which could actually end up stealing from some weaker tanks.

    Fix: Either reinstate Vit - or adjust defensive stance as above

    Offense Breaker/ Defense Breaker:
    The Damage on these 2 skills are quite low compared to whats available to most classes. The damage on these skills should be increased and the x45 threat modifier should be reduced to match the increase in damage

    Desperate deflection:
    Stacks reduced from 20% to 10% activation limit HP increased to 50% from 10% this is a massive boost to merc survivability

    Deathblow -
    Damage modifier boosted a second time this is a huge boost
    Fix: A one stop solution to merc balance maybe to turn this into an aoe but knowing gala damage will be reduced to below wildstream again.

    Judgement buster:
    From what i remember this used to be a 4 second stun with 2 min cd a long time ago
    But with this patch its been made to have 30 second cool down and 1 second stun which is effectively .5 in pvp that requires a warrior to cast. (see divine flash)
    Fix: Every race other than deva have some resistance to stun blind fear and all other status effects so it doesn't really matter its a racial benefit (see divine flash)

    Divine flash:
    1.5 Second blind with 10 second cd for a skill that requires a warrior to cast. Perfect!!! (Incase you cant read sarcasm it is implied)
    No more perma blind- thats fine PVP in this game died a long time ago. But a longer cd longer duration blind will put merc on the map in pvp once more.

    I was away for a few years.
    I dropped a bit of money in CS when i came back and I do regret it as webzen effectively crippled my favourite class.
    But i will not rebirth or HOH however i may quit again(take another extended break).


    17x Merc
    From: Salamander Server
    First MC on US servers

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    You're right man. Mercenary is so useless from 9.6. Divine flash cd is 10s it's too much time. Seraphine server is not have mercenary from 9.6. This class needs time buff urgently.


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      Right now Mercenary is the one of the most dmg dealer character. You got for example Kokieszko in top 10 on Serafin server
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      Twitch Streams!