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  • First impressions/Feedback

    I haven't had the time to do some parties, but I will be doing that tonight. Here's what I initially noticed when I played for an hour this morning by myself in DD2.

    One thing I noticed it that Merc lost pdef from the Vit boost it used to get from the old toggle, and no PDef buff to make up for it with Defense Stance.Weirdly enough, I somehow still have around 1700ish Vitality, and can't tell where it's coming from.

    Defensive Stance Skill description is filled with question marks, and the Threat is incorrect (says 70%, not 120%). Hopefully they aren't getting 70% like the description says.

    Wild Stream at 3 seconds, is a little weird after spamming for who knows how many years. Have to get used to using Offense and Defense Breaker with it.

    Judgment Buster is still a joke though. 30 seconds for a 1 second stun.

    Divine flash had it coming, and I'm glad it can't be abused in PvP anymore. Thanks for at least giving it a 10 second cool down.

    Judgment of the Goddess was a nice fix, its DoT is just about as good as Wild Stream's DoT effect, slightly less. and 10 second cool down? That was really nice.

    Desperate Deflection has been been improved, Thanks for that.

    I haven't tried Deathblow yet, but it looks like it will be marginally more powerful. On the other hand, I don't really see anyone giving up Divine Crash for Deathblow,

    I wish you would have done something for Laser Blade and Dual Strike, such as opening them up for bladed weapons (Spear, 2h Sword/Axe). On that note, I wish you opened up more skills for dual swords like Deathblow.

    After I play a few rounds on it tonight, I'll have a better idea, but DPS is definitely slower, but there wasn't much loss in damage, except when you have defensive stance going.