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  • Noire's Mercenary Analysis

    I can't believe I missed that there were new classes to complain about! I have a lot of work to do today....

    I like Mercenaries, they are a good class. That doesn't mean they don't have things which need fixing. Yes, they are good at close range AoE, because they have a single skill they can spam endlessly. Yes they have good damage by spamming.... One skill endlessly. I don't like either of these. I would like all classes to be able to AoE to some degree, but not by simply relying on a single powerful skill for all of the damage. Increase the CD of Wild Stream, but give Mercenaries more AoE skills to compensate. Rappelz has become an AoE based game now, unfortunately the majority of classes are very ineffective at AoE killing. With the 175 armour, Mages are by far the best classes.

    Great big chunks taken from Templar thread because of similarities.

    Provocation: Increases the threat your basic attacks generate by a large degree. It works, it does what it is supposed to, but as basic attacks can only hit a single target at a time. Great for bosses, terrible for the AoE game Rappelz has shifted towards.

    Armour Mastery: I generally haven't been mentioning the weapon/armour mastery skills as.... They simply make virtually no difference, a fixed value increase on your stats. However, if various classes are gaining extra levels of them as Jlevel 60+ skills, they deserve to be made more useful in some way! You could simply put no JP in most of them at the moment and there would be less than a 1% difference in your stats. Which, makes them almost completely pointless. The Xbow passives are fantastic, do the same for Magical training, Fighter Weapon Mastery, Armour Mastery, Magical Defense Mastery, and others and these skills would become far more relevant.

    Shield Mastery: Increases block rate by 1 per level. Eh....

    Divine Smash: You had better get used to seeing this. Low attack, made redundant by attack speed.

    Divine Cross: Low attack, made redundant by attack speed. Really slow animation, like... REALLY slow, I think on my MB I could do more damage with basics that this skill at a low plateau like 262 attack speed.

    Stun Mace: Unlike Templar's Stun Mace the Mercenary counter part is pretty poor.

    Restrain: High damage, high move speed debuff, low CD and activates a further damage increase from skills passive! Good skill, maybe too strong a debuff though.

    Offense Breaker: Low attack, made redundant by attack speed. Small (read: insignificant) patk debuff. Short CD. Not worth using.

    Defense Breaker: Low attack, made redundant by attack speed. Small Pdef debuff. Not worth using.

    Mental Breaker: Low attack, made redundant by attack speed. Recovers MP, I haven't had the need to recover MP on my Templar in a long time. Has some use, but overall.... Not worth using.

    Shield Blow: Low attack, made redundant by attack speed. Small (tiny) patk debuff, 5 sec duration 10 sec CD. Not worth using.

    Shield Smash: Low attack, made redundant by attack speed. For 2 seconds, increases your threat (temporary threat increase?) by 300,000. That's.... Not much threat. Not worth using.

    Shield Strike: 3 second stun, 1 min CD. The stun is nice however the damage is insignificant, thus rendering it for most situations. Not worth using.

    Shield Charge: Rushes at the target stunning them for a short duration, has insignificant damage. Useful for moving you on to the next target, and has its CD reduced by 16 of its 20 seconds from Frenzied Charging. So useful for moving on to the next mob.

    Divine Flare: Single target, ranged attack, 1 min CD, low damage. Personally, I feel this skill is.... Not worth using.

    Divine Cluster: for 10 mins your skills (that you don't use) have a 100% chance to deal 440 additional damage. So, it buffs something you don't use, by additional damage which can't crit and isn't affected by chips, by 440 damage. Not worth using.

    Blessing: Increases your HP for 30 mins. However, the HP increase is so small compared to a Templars HP pool. My Templar doesn't have great gears, however the extra HP gained from Blessing is still pretty insignificant.

    Active Guard: Increases your block rate by a certain %. However if you use a shield, you most likely will already have 100% block rate.

    Deflecting Shield: Templar's last resort. Significantly reduces damage taken for 6 seconds. with a 10 minute CD.

    Shield of Revenge: This, is truly a PvP only skill which is still stuck in... Whatever Epic it came in. Reflects 40 (+1% per extra level and 1% per skill card level) of damage taken from skills, back to the attacker, so long as they are less than 4 metres away, for 30 seconds. PvE, completely useless as 40% of the damage you take would be completely insignificant on most mobs, who don't use skills most of the time. I suppose, PvP you might be able to kill someone with this if, they're stood really close, and don't have much HP. Overall, it's simply completely useless.

    Dual Sword Expert: Genuinely completely useless. Neither Templars or Mercenaries should ever use dual swords as the damage they deal simply cannot compare to other weapons, if the damage can't compare, neither can the threat which they both need to tank.

    Two Handed Sword Expert: Increases attack speed when using a 2h sword. I can't imagine this skill EVER making any sort of significant difference, as Rappelz is now, it simply has no use whatsoever.

    Holy Aura: Inflicts a debuff on enemies within a whole 2 metres which gives damage based on your patk every second for 10 seconds, the debuff is inflicted every 3 seconds. So, if mobs are stood close enough to you, you can deal a little bit of damage. However there is not threat with that damage, and the range is really small.

    Hate Aura: No numbers on this skill, however from talking to other players, it does seem to make a difference now at least.

    Mercenary Specific Complaints

    Dual Strike: A dual sword skill..... 1:30 CD, low damage and an insignificant DoT. The only reason I have ever used this is to see the animation. Other than that it's completely pointless.

    Laser Blade: Another dual sword skill..... 30 Sec CD, 5 sec hold. But still useless.

    Light Speed: A short, high movespeed increase with a REALLY long CD.

    Judgement of the Goddess: 5 minutes CD!!!! that's 300 seconds. For a skill that is completely outclassed by both Divine Flash and Judgement Buster. It's ranged, that's the only thing it has going for it. The damage is bad, and the DoT might as well not exist.

    Divine Crash: Decent damage, allows you to quickly move to your next target. Combined with Killing Spree, it effectively has no CD. Not the best skill, but it does what it is supposed to.

    Mighty Crash: Ok, the damage is decent, however it has a long CD, and.... The knockback is not useful. At all.

    Desperate Deflection: When you're pretty much dead, you have a really low chance of getting a buff that reduces damage taken by 20% and can stack 3 times. If you aren't dead first.

    Frantic Defense: With a 6% chance for 10 seconds you gain a buff that can stack 5 times, giving +6% pdef per stack. Unfortunately, the proc chance is low and the duration is... Also pretty bad. So while the extra pdef is useful, it's difficult to sustain it.

    Reckless Vivacity: Stacks 5 times, 6% chance for 10 seconds +3% Vitality. +15% Vit isn't a lot, and it also suffers from the same problems as Frantic Defense.

    Wild Stream: The Mercenary's best skill, as it's the only AoE that deals damage directly, and has no CD. Good damage, good DoT, terrible skill card. +5 gives a whole 350 more patk to this skill. I don't like zero CD skills, but there aren't any alternatives as things are right now....

    Divine Flash: Single target, ranged skill with nice damage. Causes Blind to the target. Completely broken PvP, not much better PvE since it gets spammed endlessly, because there aren't any alternatives. Bow tanking on a Mercenary has become very popular because they have very nice damage and a high move speed debuff, and because a LOT of the more recent content is poorly balanced so people have had to find other methods to be able to play it. Permanent Blind, no CD.

    Judgement Buster: Divine Flash's far more balanced relative. 10 Second CD (I think) 1 second stun. It's ranged, but it only hits a single target. The cast is a little long at 1 second, the damage is decent, however it only hits a single target. Personally, if I were to give a Mercenary more AoE, my priority would be to make Judgement Buster an AoE, and probably Divine Flash, however I would remove the blind, give it some CD and make it an accuracy % debuff instead.

    Guiding Light: Increases skill damage on the target by 30% if they are Restrained. Nice skill, the only draw back is that it can only ever affect a single target.

    Invincible Strength: +150 Strength and 5 Crit rate. Nnnnnn.... It's a fixed amount again.... Strength has gone up a lot since Master Classes arrived. The crit rate increase is negligible.

    Hawkeye: +120 acc and 500 patk. It's an ok accuracy increase, but again, they are fixed amounts, and I don't like those.

    Invigorating Aura: Increases Strength, Vitality and Threat. Unfortunately, the strength increase does little for your damage and while the vitality is useful, it doesn't help your pdef much and your HP is still faily low...

    Deathblow: Oh boy! I used to LOVE this skill! Great damage, useful debuff and a completely monstrous threat modifier! However..... There are better options now.... Going back to what I said about more AoE, if they made Deathblow an AoE with a 4 second CD and -20% patk debuff, that would make for a really nice arsenal of AoE power. Wild Stream, Judgement Buster, Divine Flash and Deathblow. Some nice damage and debuffs there.

    No Mercy: Reduces the MP consumption (we have Mental Breaker for a full MP charge) and casting time (the whole 0.5 seconds). I don't view this as remotely useful for either of the effects it gives. CD reduction, increase the patk debuff, increase the damage, all are far more useful even with only slight increases.

    Remorseless: 120 patk (don't like fixed values) and 6 crit pow (Ok, this is a little more difficult to get, but it's still a fixed value) per stack. Stacks a minimum of 12 times and a maximum of 16 times Lasts 3 minutes and gives a very nice increase to a Mercenary's damage.

    Immortal Force: for 15 seconds you cannot die at all. Pretty useful, potentially too strong. However for me I feel there are better options. 3 min CD, recovers 30% HP after the effect expires.

    Unstoppable Force: Reduces the CD of Immortal Force by 30 seconds (total).

    Killing Spree: Reduces Divine Crash's CD by 32 seconds when a mob is killed. Not the best skill, but it does what it is supposed to.

    Divine Crash (Lust for Blood): Increases skill damage on targets who don't have full HP by 50% +4% per additional level. Which gives a very nice damage increase to all targets.

    I like Mercenary's they aren't terrible, but they do need some attention to be brought up to date. They would benefit from more HP and like Berserkers and Templars, they REALLY need some..... More balanced AoE ability to be able to keep aggro from those overpowered mages. Who can probably tank better too.....

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    Actually, the only thing I disagree with is that the AOE is no longer powerful. WS damage does not change much when you have 1-5 mobs but as soon as you have a whole room at devildom s1-s3, CC, etc, damage on all mobs drops to 2-4mil . When 5 or less, 9-12mil. Will post screens soon but apparently, we can only post links now sigh.


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      go to the island now open a crystal by increasing the amount of mobs now I do not pass the 3m with ws 70% reduce damage.-
      when any magician 20m all mobs


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        i disagree with increasing wild stream cd aoe & adding more skills aoe wont work for merc ,,, & other skills analysis kinda not baised on pro merc player {it feels like u just wanna get it more nerfed}
        anyway wild stream need to be fixed since it loses dmg over the number of mobs & mages can do full dmg no matter the mobs numbers which makes viod mage & corruptor powerfull classes ,,
        merc need to be fixed ,,, like wild stream weakness to the number of mobs & the lak of hp merc has since it bacame tank class, also some skills that totally useless in merc {other skills dmg is reallly low} unworth using


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          Open up the restrictions on 2 1h swords and 2h only skills like you did with Beserker. Possibly make laser blade a ranged bow skill. Allow mercs to have a viable choice of wanting to do bow, 2h, or 2 1h.

          Desperate Deflection: Would help if this activation rate was at a way higher HP value to help reduce damage. Around HP<75%. Or how about making it a self buff instead with a 2 minute cooldown, 30 second duration, and a skill card effect that reduces cool down/increases duration of the skill, or a 10 minute self buff skill similar to Divine Cluster and it's skill card effect. I've be happy with any of those options if it increases survivability.

          Frantic Defense: Would help survivability/tankiness if the activation rate was drastically higher than 6%, and duration was longer, 30-45 seconds perhaps? I like the amount of defense increase it gives now; when I manage to get a full stack on island, the 30% increase is really noticeable. i just wish i could sustain it.

          Reckless Vivacity: Increase it to 6%, and increase the duration similar to what was mentioned for frantic defense.

          Invigorating Aura: I think this could easily be fixed if an HP% value was tacked on. 90k Max HP was nice back when Butka was the hardest boss.

          Wild Stream: I honestly can't wait for this to get nerfed because it feels like Merc is a one trick pony. I had way more fun when I was built with Deathblow and Immortality and used a combination of skills/tactics to get aggro. If the AOE was widened, and the skill was given a cool down similar to Zephyr Strike, I would be happy.

          Judgment Buster: The cooldown is far, The only crime it has was a crazy long stun time (at least 5 seconds was crazy long combined with 13 second blind). Give it at least 3 second stun.

          Judgment of the Goddess: I like the idea behind the skill, the execution was poorly done.

          Mostly wanted to focus on survivability/tankiness, I don't think they are lacking in the damage department, but their existing skills need improvement, and I don't necessarily disagree with what was already mentioned.