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    ustalık görevlerini yaparken cadının sesi kısmına geçtim. portaldan geçtikten sonra ortadaki ayağa tıkladım ve cadının sesi ortaya çıktı onu kestim fakat görevim sayılmadı. Ben de tekrar tekrar ayağa tıkladım bekleyerek lakin bir şey çıkmadı. Görevi terk ettim. büyücüden tekrar alabilmek için lakin görevi tekrar alamıyorum. Şu an ne yapmam lazım?

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    According to google translate:

    I went to the voice part of the witch while doing the mastery tasks. After I passed through the portals, I clicked on the middle foot and the voice of the witch appeared, but it was not counted as my task. I did not come up with anything lanky waiting for me to click on the foot again and again. I dropped the quest.

    I can not get back the missions to get back from the wizard. What am I supposed to do right now?
    Your first part sounds like master class trials to me. You entered a portal, activated the quest, but you didn't get the reward?
    If you did all quests at the stage and did not get enough rewards to complete the stage, drop the stage quest, talk to the npc on the floor to retake it.

    Voice of the witch sounds more like "Hearing Voices Again?" from the Witch Hunting pt. 2 though.
    If you are inside the Ancient Magic Laboratory underneath Templar's Headquarter and you dropped the quest, find the small feather or crystal in your inventory that you got during the quest, doubleclick.

    Good luck!
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      " find the small feather or crystal in your inventory that you got during the quest, doubleclick."
      thank you