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    Witam, ostatnio pomyślałem, że pogram sobie w rappelz ale po dosłownie chwili wyłączyłem gdyż gra się zbytnio rozwinęła i nie urzeka mnie aktualny kontent. Chętnie bym pograł w tę grę z czasów 7.4 bodajże, patrz przed samym wprowadzeniem kubryka. Tutaj też wpadłem na pewien pomysł,co gdyby powstał taki serwer Retro by nowi gracze zobaczyli i poczuli na własnej skórze jak się kiedyś grało, bo uważam iż gra wtedy była na idealnym etapie, było utrudnienie w postaci zbijania bossów z hidden dungeonów. Chciałbym by wypowiedział się ktoś z góry, ktoś kto może przepchnąć ten temat wyżej. Pozdrawiam.
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    Originally posted by Google translate
    Hello, recently I thought that the program itself in rappelz but after literally I turned off the moment because the game has grown too much and I am not attracted by the current content. I would like to play this game from the time of 7.4, see before introducing the cube.

    Here, I came up with an idea that I am not the only one who would come back to this stage of the game and few people are playing ... what if the server was created Retro by nowi the players saw and felt on their own skin how they used to play, because I think that the game was at the ideal stage at the time, it was difficult to kill bosses from hidden dungeons. I would like someone to say in advance, someone who can push this topic up.

    Hi there!

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    A while ago people suggested to create a new server with the old hardcore pvp rules. Though it was hyped in the beginning, it was empty very quickly. In the end it got merged with another server, so people had more contact to other peoples to play together.

    As attractive a retro server might look to you, it's unlikely the company will agree and open a new server with older content. Aside new dungeons and items, new patches also bring bug fixes. The next update also brings security fixes, so the game becomes more compatible with certain antivirus software. Using an older version with less security doesn't sound very appealing.

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