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Crashing? GameGuard Error? Cant Login? [Read Me]

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  • Crashing? GameGuard Error? Cant Login? [Read Me]

    When troubleshooting online connections, you should keep in mind that you are not only dealing with your home network, but also the connections through your Internet Service Provider. Be aware that there can be a number of routers that your connection will pass through in order to reach the game server.

    Information transferred on the Internet is handled by shuttling bits of information, known as packets. For example, when you visited this web page, all the parts of the page were passed from the webpage server, through your Internet Service Provider's network, into your home network, and finally to your computer, all in packets. Downloading information from the Internet is simply a matter of passing packets back and forth between your computer and a server through a series of networks. If these packets fail to reach their destination or are corrupted during the process, you receive errors concerning your connection.

    Here is a short list of some of the things that can stop you from connecting:
    • Firewalls
      Software firewalls on systems and hardware firewalls on routers will prevent your computer from connecting to our servers. If you have any firewalls that may be in conflict, you will need to add the file Sframe.exe to exception list be able to run Rappelz. This file is located in the main Rappelz game directory. If you have any issues with configuring your firewall, please consult the software or hardware manufacturer.

      Some routers have certain settings that can interfere with the transfer of packets.

      ISP Maintenance
      Some internet service providers have scheduled maintenances that can affect connection speed and general connection. If speed is affected, then the server may timeout and disconnect you.

      Game Server Outages or Maintenance
      Occasionally servers will experience an outage. Any given outage can last up to 24 hours. Rappelz also does a weekly maintenance every Tuesday starting at 8AM GMT+1 which could last from 3 to 5 hours.

      ISP Blocking
      some internet service providers will detect game traffic as peer to peer traffic, or website hosting traffic and block the ports listed below. Please contact your ISP to insure that they are no blocking traffic on the suggested ports, and state that you are playing a game and not using the ports maliciously.

      Internet Security Software
      Internet security software will block or filter information that may be vital for the software to run.
    Typically connection issues are caused by one or more ports being blocked by a firewall, router, or even your Internet Service Provider to help maintain security. These ports are the doorways used to send and receive information between your computer and the server. You must configure your router/firewall to have the game's ports open, and allow the program access if your security is set too high. You may also need to contact your Internet Service Provider to ensure that there are no ports blocked as well.

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    - Green screen (Launcher does not start properly) = Noooooooo!!

    A green screen displayed in place of your launcher means that your connection didn't reach our Update server properly, or that some game file was corrupted and the Launcher failed to launch.

    1) Make sure to start the game with administrator rights (right click on Launcher > Start as Administrator)
    2) Make sure to have the very last version of the game: link. Reinstalling the game may fix possible issues with corrupted, damaged or missing files.
    3) Restart your PC and start the game before any other (to make sure there’s no conflict with other software).
    4) Try to ‘temporally’ deactivate antivirus, firewall or sandbox software on your PC or router. They will have to be activated again afterwards.
    5) If you are still encountering the issue, please send us a TraceRoute of your connection by ticket: link.

    - RenderDeviceCreateError = Aaarrrrgghhhh!!

    This message is often due to an inadequate video card or outdated drivers.

    1) Make sure your screen Refresh Rate is set to 60Hz (you may need the instructions book of your monitor to do that).
    2) Make sure your hardware set up matches the optimal system requirements for the game: link.
    3) Update your video card drivers with the latest possible version.
    4) Make sure to have the last Microsoft DirectX version compatible with your video card.
    5) Try different game resolutions, with or without the Window mode.

    - ‘Start’ button does not highlight = bleaaaaaarrrrhh

    This issue is only common for players using HSDPA, 3G or 4G connections (e.g. connection through mobile or internet dongle).

    1) Restart your PC and start the launcher with administrator rights (right click on Launcher > Start as Administrator)
    2) Make sure to use proper DNS (you can try a specific software for that, e.g. this one).
    3) You can use a specific software like Privoxy.

    - GameGuard error message = ##*%@@&#?!!??

    GameGuard errors can be displayed for different reasons, a very common one being some antivirus software update.

    1) Restart your PC and start the game before any other (to make sure there’s no conflict with other software).
    2) Delete the GameGuard folder in the game installation folder (it will be recreated with the next launch of the game)
    3) Make sure to have the latest updates for your version of Windows: link.
    4) Try to deactivate ‘temporally’ antivirus, firewall or sandbox software on your PC or router. They will have to be activated again afterwards.
    5) Wait about 10 - 15 seconds in the Character Selection Screen before to press Confirm, so that GameGuard has the time to properly load all the necessary files (no need if you change character).
    7) Further information can be found on the official GameGuard FAQ: link.
    8) If the problem persists, please send us all your .erl files by ticket (you can find them in the GameGuard folder of your game installation folder), and we’ll investigate further.


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      Common login error codes:

      Game specific:
      90106 - Wrong Password
      90305 - Suspended Account (Submit a ticket).
      91605 - Wrong ID

      System based:
      10106 - Service provider failed to initialize. If you get this, you will probably have to reinstall the client and/or your entire system.

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        Additional known errors, their causes, and how to fix them.
        • Can't Log In
          Cause: logging too many accounts in a short time frame
          Fix: wait at least 24hrs before attempting to login again
        • Render Device Create Error
          Cause: changed resolution within game to something unsupported by the user's video card
          Fix: switch it to a supported resolution through the launcher 'options' tab or the rappelz_v1.opt file
        • GameGuard Fail on AVG - GameGuard Error 114
          Cause: antivirus blocks GG
          Fix: add appropriate exceptions, switch antivirus programs
        • Windows Error Running Game and Forcing Computer Restart - Zone Alarm Firewall
          Cause: firewall false-positive
          Fix: turn off Zone Alarm Firewall
        • Error 'localeinfo' File Not Found
          Cause: trying to update a very old install of Rappelz
          Fix: re-install the game
        • Login Freezes - AMD Raptr
          Cause: amd raptr conflicts with the game
          Fix: delete/uninstall the extra program
        • Launcher Crash / BSOD - Avast
          Cause: old program version of Avast has a false-positive with GG
          Fix: update the antivirus program (different from virus definitions) also add exceptions
        • Can't Start Game - Hyper V
          Cause: simply having Hyper V enabled on your PC will prevent the game from running
          Fix: disable/uninstall Hyper V
        • Stuck in Splash Loading Screen
          Cause: some computers just conflict with it and wont continue to launch the game
          Fix: delete spalshloading.exe

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