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Can't install Rappelz

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  • Can't install Rappelz

    Hi I have been trying to install rappelz after getting a new pc but it just doesn't want to be completed. After I open the launcher it updates until 59% to 69% then gives me a bullshit error. I would post a screen shot here but it seems like it's not possible.

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    I can't even get the installer to download


    • Nomadic
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      well I don't know if it will help or not but you can try this. Uninstall and re-install it. Then restart your computer. And if there is anyone out there having the same problem with me. They way I solved mine was to keep changing the downloaded servers. I tried each of them once and eventually got the eu one to download and when I switched it back to my own turkish server it downloaded without any issues so it might help you.