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  • Tp calculations

    I came back to my templar after almost 2-3yrs from not using the class.When I go to use my templar and look at my tp build i realize i only have 5 tps.So i go back to hero hector and theres only the mana quest and i remember doing kingdom of creatures and burning about 50-80m on the sword quest like normal.I just trying to figure out if i need to redo the quests or if I can get them back so I can continue with my build.Please keep in touch cause im trying to focus more on it and less on my oracle for a while.

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    You start with 2 TPs and gain the 3 initial ones via King of Creatures, Steel and Exploration. You having 5 TP is correct.
    You gain the other 2 TPs later on.
    Check out:


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      Sorry I miss calculated,my Templar has 3 tps right now,supposed to have 4 because i haven't done the mana pool quest yet.But hero hector is only allowing access to the mana pool quest.How do I get the 4th tp that im missing?