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Soul Pet Monarch Awakening (DT Buff)

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  • Soul Pet Monarch Awakening (DT Buff)


    I'm a returning player from before the server merge so I haven't been keeping up with patch notes and etc. I logged on today on my buff slave accounts and I saw that the soul pet Monarch Awakening buff wouldn't come off cooldown. It looks as if it were just used and has a full cooldown remaining, and I sat and waited for 10 minutes with no results.

    Was there a change to soul pets with the Monarch Awakening skill? I couldn't find any other soul pets in the AH with the same skill to buy and test. I asked in whole chat but was told to relog/unformation and relog/restart client/WH and un-WH it which I did and none of those worked.

    Cheers in advance

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    I have a guildie with the same problem. We also tried all kinds of stuff (trading from one account to the other and back) but nothing worked. The skill worked on a different account (same pet) but not on the character in question.

    It clearly seems like a bug to me.
    My personal advice: try getting a death tyrant as a second pet so you can have the awakening buff all the time. (summon it every 8 minutes and let it disappear by itself), for your main pet you can then go for the "master devotion" skill at level 150.