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cant repair broken dura weapon/armor

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  • cant repair broken dura weapon/armor

    hello guys ,
    recently i broke couple of dura items and i attempted to repair them with the wooden master hammer and i did exactly the same as its written in it but still the combination did not work i wanna know if it should be the same item and same kind of dura same rank of the item or what please help me with these i spent hour trying to repair it.... any1 cant respond with kind help thanks

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    Which Item do you want to restore durablity on?

    Here's a video demonstrating the functionality of the hammer.
    Note that the rings' dura effects don't match.

    Edit: You wrote "the combination"... You aren't trying to restore the durability in the combination-window, are you?
    You got to use the enchantment-window.

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      Its r4 2h staff should it be the same kind of staff and it dosent matter which dura?


      • JaimeLannister
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        It has to be the same r4 2h staff, the dura effects shouldn't matter.

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      thanks you for helping me i knew the way to do it but i didnt know if i needed the same item and same rank i had r7 2h staff broken too i fixed it but now its hard to find r4 2h staff so i think it'll stay broken