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  • Master Quest.....Question

    Hi, All,

    I am doing the Master Quest Trials for the first time, and I have a question.

    Tried searching for the answer, with no success, so I hope someone can
    help me out. It will be sincerely appreciated.

    I have just started the Quest, and have three toons located at the Warrior
    Platform. My question is this:

    If I transport to HV or to my home location, can I pick up from where I left
    off, or do I have to start over?

    If I can pick up from where I left off, I would also appreciate instructions
    on how to do this.

    Much appreciation to any player who can guide me on this issue.

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    Hey there! sorry for the late response. you can go into HV or home location as often as you want. your quest status will not change at all. you just need to walk over there again (jump through the cubes etc.).

    Have a nice evening
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      Hi there!

      As Realize pointened, yes! u can go for rebuff or whatever and just come back thru Hector at Death Spirits altar, the quest progress will be saved.
      Alternatively u can let one of your toons stationed at the platform and use a Union Feather to Summon all your others back, that way u dont have to run at all, you can claim feathers free from the Achievement shop.

      Also check the guides i made about that one and all the remain quest lines:

      If you are at Unicorn server and need a friendly hand just pm me under the name of BlueMystical or BlueInfinity75, im always whiling to help.

      Have fun!
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        Hello, Realize and BlueCloud,

        Better late than never I hope...…...I just wanted to thank you guys
        for the advice.

        As it turned out, I decided to take a chance that I could resume the
        quest by going to hector......Man, was I happy it worked!!!

        Thanks again, and for your interest in helping players navigate this game.