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Old Rappelz player here (Lydian server).

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  • Old Rappelz player here (Lydian server).

    Hi everyone, i used to play Rappelz eons ago on Lydian server, i think i stopped playing right before the merge (about 10 years ago, maybe?); Is there a way to have my old, dusty Asura restored or old accounts get deleted after X years if noone is playing with them..?

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    I believe they're still exist, but since it was gpot acc, you have to accept/confirm webzen-policy stuff when you log in on website. Try this link might be helpful ^^


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      Even if you manage to recover your old stuff i recommend you to make a new toon and start fresh, A LOT had changed in 10+ years and the last thing you wanna be is a Hight level Noob, we already have too many of them around.

      Starting a new toon will let ya know the game and learn to play your chosen class.