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Pet exp bugged

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  • Pet exp bugged

    I was thinking this already because my pets didnt catch my character in lv. Yesterday I was in a DD S6 party and now it is obvious to me. While my character, BM lv 186, gained 12%, pets, both lv 182, gained only 6%. Pets in formation tho, that I didnt summon at any point, gained lvs from lv 115 to lv 160+. I used SS, GP and AC to make sure pets will catch my char in lv but this is what happened. They dont get enough exp for it.

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    Ever heard of pet exp cap = pet lvl ^ 3,7?
    It is the max exp a pet get. Your pet cannot level as fast as you in dd6. DD2 would be a better choice for your class in order to get your pets to 190+.

    No bugs, it's a feature.


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      I consider it as bug when pets r this close to character lv. Exp cap would mean that they never reach your character lv. AC is used for it as well. Pets should get more than 50% on their own lv compared to character lv anyway. And lving pets with petclass should be faster than with any other class


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        Do you also know that ac isn't really working after 145/150? At least thats what i heared As mentioned above pet exp caps at dd s2, so you would benefit more from that in terms of lvling pets than s6 since s2 has more mobs/room Stupid isn't it? I'm also on the side that firstly pet exp cap should be a lot higher, so people on s6 with ss+gp should be able to lvl pets a lot faster than a guy on s2... Secondly a pet class should be able to lvl pets even faster than any other non-pet class char Looking forward to see this happen... I believe it's coming in the next few years :'D

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      Yeah, i also noticed this in DD, and here is my theory:

      Few patches ago devs made the decision (a really good one) to eliminate Exp Penalty on DevilDom in order to allow noobs to find more and better DPs.
      Therefore my noob lv180+ toon can party up with the lv200+ Veterans in DD s6 and get really nice exp.

      However Devs did NOT (either by mistake or intentionally) removed the exp penalty for pets, and after certain level (170+) pets in DD s6 only get a minimal fraction of the exp my toon gets.
      I had tested this theory by going on s1-s3, and there my pets get better exp, but not my toon.

      So, the choice is, either level myself in S6, or level the pets in s1. Why not both? you say?? Because it's Rappelz!

      Pet's exp penalty on DD should be released.
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        I stopped play MB (195), i can not get pets to my level. It is older than icrease level interval.