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Rappelz Account Merger Issues

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  • Rappelz Account Merger Issues

    The Last time I played Rappelz was some time in Epic 8, I stopped playing when the roomers were going around that Development will be stopping on the game... I got a new system and a friend of mine from my old guild wants to get back into playing it...

    I re-download the client and go to log in... I remember my password and Username... I was playing long after Webzen took hold of Rappelz and I have already Merged my account to the new database etc but when I go to log in to the game itself it's telling me to re merge my account (See the following photos)...

    In Game:

    On the Merge Link:

    I Know I am putting in the right password because it's one of 4 I use for any online game I play... and before anyone asks Yes I have tried the other 3...

    If anyone knows how I would go about gaining access back to my account I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Hi there, and welcome back!

    I'll sugest you to Submit a Ticket to Support about your Account problems.
    You can do it here: