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NEED HELP - No character on an account.

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  • NEED HELP - No character on an account.

    HI everyone,
    My friend just came back to rappelz after absence for many years, logged into webzen webpage and accepted new rules etc. Then he logged into game and found out that all of his characters are missing on character choise list. I can add his old character to my ingame friendlist, so it means that his character still exists. Can anyone tell me what could happend with his account and how to fix it?

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    Happened to me once, i was logging in to wrong account since i was using many email addresses , i came back to Rappelz thinking i used the main email for my main account , it wasn't the case . get him to check if it is really the account he uses.idk if support gonna be helpful on this one since it goes way back probably perma deleted (still he got try contacting them )


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