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    Hi all,

    I am trying to do the MC trials, but cannot find any guide.

    In virtually all cases reference is made to a walk-through
    prepared by Peir. However all walk-throughs authored by Peir
    have been deleted and replaced with the message "Blog has been removed".

    As a result, it looks like we are now without a walk-through for this critical
    part of the game, and I am writing in the hope that someone has a copy
    of the MC trials walk-through and can upload it as a post to the forum.

    I did find a PDF file authored by Blender, but it is in German, and
    of little help.

    Thanks for considering this issue.

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    Heya! got another guide for you. It's in German as well but there is a lot of pictures. i don't know if there is a English one since im German and never needed it. Have a nice day

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      Thanks for the link, Realize.

      Now I have two guides I can't understand...….LOL

      Looking at the both of them, it appears that the Guide by Blender is more extensive,
      so I guess the next thing to do is to DL a translator and hope that it works well.

      Sure wish someone had a guide in English. Hard to believe that there are no Master
      Class Quest guides posted anywhere.

      Thanks again for taking the time to post the link........


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        This is not a detailed walktrough but was good enought for me:


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          That's the guide that I have been using, but
          the links to Peir's walk-throughs no longer work,
          and without the MC Quest walk-through, I know
          I will be in trouble, especially since there are puzzles/quizzes
          that have to be solved.

          Thanks for helping, BlueCloud


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            If you come across a quiz during the MC Quests, ill give you the answers: 9,Joker,Riku

            If you come across the "chess board" in the Witch Quest part 2 you simply have to follow what is written in the chat.

            The Months are the short side of the Plateau and the years are the long sides. Always walk the years first and then the months.

            In case that you don't know what to do: Another video in German

            One more thing: Before you start a quest in the Masterclass quest itself you always need to activate the crystal that you got in your inventory. Everything else explains itself.
            That's pretty much what you need to know

            In case that you want to have a look of the complete MC Quest: (its also in german but that doesnt matter because you can see what that guy is doing)
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              Hey, Realize,

              Thanks again for posting.

              The video and information you provided will definitely
              help me when I start the MC trials


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                Hi again,
                Im crafting a new guide here:
                Its not done yet (at the moment of this post) but hopefully soon.