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LBow Enchantment Glow Not Visible

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  • LBow Enchantment Glow Not Visible

    Okay, so I have this R6 Long Bow, Witch's Reflex Bow, what it seems to be called now, for my level 121 archer. I bought the bow fresh and enchanted it to +18. I placed a galaxy stone in it and such as well. But visually the bow doesn't have any enchantment or galaxy stone glow on it at all. It's just visually bare when my character wears it. Is there any way I can fix this?

    I read that having a wood quiver, which I owned, equipped removes the enchantment glow. So I sold it and used regular arrows, but the bow still has no glow.

    I also have a 120 crossbow +13, and that has the enchantment and galaxy glow just fine.

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    Really hope this gets fixed soon, I'm sick of using a bear deco on my bow.