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Can't get into character select

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  • Can't get into character select

    I can log onto rappelz, however I am stuck on the server selection and can't go onto character select. I have restarted computer and even uninstalled then installed the game again any advice will be appreciated.

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    If you are stuck in server selection or can only connect to one server you should proceed as follows:
    1. Restart your router (obvious, but has already helped some people, including me)
    2. Submit a ticket with your IP address (this was suggested by a GM)
    3. You can use a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the meantime.
      Virtual private networks change your IP, thus letting you connect again, since your real IP is likely blocked.
      Free VPN reviews:
      VPN Reviews 1 (TomsGuide)
      VPN Reviews 2 (techradar)