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  • Pet skill/guide question

    Hi all, I'm a returning player, last been around update 2 or 3 or something... My "main" was a lv40 holy warrior with JL30... wanted to be a tank originally. Got to lv60 this past weekend in the Arid dungeon, where I met a very nice higher level player, who gifted me a lv60 pet (I was using the beginner tortus), a Marduka Shaman, I think it's called. It is lv60 with 63 JP on it, and some lv1 active skills. I have tried searching for a pet guide for this type of pet, but I have found nothing. I'm not sure what to do with this pet. I know it needs mage equipment, that I have from farming in the dungeon. How do I skill it? Is it actually a good pet for a tanking class (it has Ifrit relic unity)? Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    Are you playing on your old main or did you create a new character?


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      It's my old main.


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        You should create a new character, since you would otherwise miss out on a lot of valuable consumables.
        PROJECT 150 rewards you for leveling up and you also get gifts after your first log in.
        The PROJECT150 rewards are as below:

        Leveling to level 153-159 can be done within a few hours, so you don't have to worry about your current level.

        You don't really need a pet till ROA, having a high pet would just slow you down tbh, since you'd get less xp/mob.
        Just make sure you use all the consumables, get yourself buffed in the hv and equip the backpack, the cloak and the wings and you should be good to go even without any pet at all, Rappelz changed in that regard.

        Once you hit Level 20 you'll also get Deva's blessings.
        You can use these Items pretty mindlessly since you get so many, growth potions should always be running (under Level 150!), since you get many level restricted growth potions, that you can't use afterwards anyways.

        You can also try to get buffs, that'd help a lot and I'm sure that there're people who'd help with quests for free if you need help.
        You can refresh your buffs with a scroll purchasable in the hv for 25m an hour (infinitely often)

        What you should do to level up quickly:
        Relics of Arid Moonlight (20-50)
        Hidden Crystal Valley (70-105)
        Level 105 -> Red Farm Quest -> Witch Quest -> Sanctuary Quest -> Lv. 138 Witch Quest -> Masterclass Quest
        Underground Quests -> Level 159 -> somehow getting 160 -> ROA Quest -> ROA -> Level. 175 -> Devildom till the end of your life.

        Once you're ~160 you'll easily get a unique soul pet, so don't worry too much about your marduka shaman.


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          Woah... I did read about the new reward system and the suggested leveling, but I was just so happy that I could figure out my account and seeing my old characters that I just wanted to dive back in. But I guess I miss out on some substantial starting equipment this way, huh? I have a bunch of lv 10-20 characters that I tried out back then, I guess it's time for a purge.
          Anyway. thank you for answering me.


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            some major changes