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Cant repair my staged pet with 0 dura

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    i submitted a ticket first was told they cant help me i need to put in here and wait


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      i tried to push your problem on discord. you gotta pray for the holy GM's to help you now. Good luck mate!

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    all fixed now
    a big thanks to all those who helped


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      Hello I am a player on the Reviac server. I am unable to repair my stage 3 crusty pet. each time I try to repair the creature I get a message asking me if the creature is still in the formation. I do not have any creatures in my formation. I am placing the broken stage 3 creature in the enchant window with a soul shifter and an empty unique. The repair fails every time. I tried to log out and back into the game. I still have the same issue. As i looked further into the problem i noticed the armor that I had equipped to my creature was still showing it was equipped even though the creature is no longer in the formation window. I can not unequip the armor. I have tried to fill the formation window with different pets, this did not work either. I believe that the problem occurred when I re-skilled my character at the job supporter. My creature was broken in the formation window, I talked to the job supporter and reset my skills. when the skills were reset all my pets were removed from the formation but I think since this creature was broken it somehow glitched and now is bugged. Please help me fix this problem ? I did submit a support ticket and after 2 days with no response they closed the ticket and said i should read the forums. I found a few post related to my issue. it looks like each time this problem has occurred in the past a GM had to correct the issue. Please help me or direct me to the correct place to have my issue fixed. The character with the bugged pet is Evasionblades. The pet is a stage 3 ranged crusty. Thanks for your assistance