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Lost Quest, Cannot complete quest line

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  • Lost Quest, Cannot complete quest line

    I was trying to finish the witch quest part 2 (lvl 138 quest line). I was on the quest "Lucian's Demise" which requires you to kill lucian. immediately after killing the monster another monster spawns in his place. unfortunately, i killed the next monster as well, only to realize that i still hadn't completed the quest "Lucian's Demise". After killing both monsters I completed the quest "Lucian's demise" which gave me the next TIMED quest "Th Final Battle" which must be completed within 15 minutes. Unfortunately, as I had already killed the boss monster that should be killed for this quest, I was not able to complete the quest before the timer ran out. As a result i was forced to abandon the quest and now there is no way to regain the quest.

    I now cannot complete the quest line nor start the Master Class lvl 148 quest line. Could you kindly see if its possible for me to reattempt the "Lucian's Demise" quest as i cannot proceed with this character without completing this quest line nor the master class quest line.

    This happened for two of my characters, I raised two separate tickets, both of which have now been closed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Double click the abomination feather in your inventory