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Trouble uninstalling the game

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  • Trouble uninstalling the game

    Wazego software does not go un-install from Windows 10. 64 bit
    Company policy or forced.
    After uninstalling the files with the file in the documents in the programs.
    You have to get mad to get rid of you ..
    Video gives Instagram how your company is intrusive and zero help from your side ..
    I am sending you to the site if it turns out and I am a good programmer that you have corrupted the code, games and you are still here where you do not ask.
    My PC is not a hangout ...
    I need $ 100,000 in compensation for surveillance ...
    I am not asking you ... you do se yourself and you do not leave the area protected even by MS.
    Wara and leaving my PC.
    I do not play games on aki XXXX and my files will refresh you are "WEBZEN"
    Far I have another affair with Korea
    and 48h for repair.Video and Skrenshots will be published ... Let 10 programs be used to delete you ... I wonder how long ...

    Waszego oprogramowania nie idzie odinstalowywać z Windows 10. 64 bit
    Polityka firmy czy zmuszenie.
    Po odinstalowaniu pliki zostają w dokumentach w programach. Trzeba szału dostać by was sie pozbyć..
    Video daje na Instagramie jak wasza firma jest nachalna i zero pomocy z waszej strony..
    Nachalni jesteście.. Dyski zaśmiecacie by mi sie ten plik pokazywał nonstop... Dysk wysyłam do serwisu jeśli sie okaże a jestem dobrym programistą że zepsuliscie kod., gry i nagminnie dalej jesteście gdzie was sie nie prosi. Mój PC nie jakaś melina..
    Rządem 100 tyś dolarów odszkodowania za inwigilacje..

    Ja was nie proszę... sami ssę robicie i nie opuszczacie terenu chronionego nawet przez MS.

    Wara i wyjazd z mojego PC.
    Nie gram w wasze gierki na aki XXXX mi dysk wasze pliki odświeża ze są "WEBZEN"
    Daleko to mam kolejna afera z Koreą
    daje 48h na naprawę. Video i Skrenshoty będą opublikowane... Żeby 10 programów użyć aby was skasować... Ciekawe jak na długo ....

    DOŚĆ ĆIŚNIENIA.. Sprawe kieruje do TRUBUNAŁO Koreańscy programiści nie będą nachalni .. Wystarczająco mam 5 godzin męczenia sie z Dosem z Rejestrem gdzie sami piszecie programy... Nie mie moje cztery litery wytłumaczycie sie /……. Wieksze łajno miałem ale tego sie nie spodziewałem.... Będzie ciekawie … jedna gra mniej w EU na rynku... za ten numer...
    Wystarczy zobaczyć gdzie grę zapisuje i robi kopie... BEZ KOMENTZARZA
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    ROFLMFAO seriously you think you deserve $100,00 in compensation, I can tell you exactly what your going to get and that is $0,
    Go read the term & conditions, Webzen accept no responsibility for damage caused you you equipment.


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      Please remember that every time you log on the game or the forums you agree to to abide by the TOS and EULA. I think it would be advisable to review those two agreements. As far as "demanding" Webzen pay you, on what legal basis do you make that demand? What is your legal theory behind such a demand. You accuse Webzen of "hanging out" on your computer but so does EVERY game, every web page, even Microsoft Windows (all versions).

      I dont think your complaint would survive Summary Judgment but good luck.

      One final note - please do not post videos or screenshots of your allegations as they may be subject to deletion. AS those would be a violation of Webzen's TOS Section 3 "b. Harass, threaten, abuse, disparage, libel, slander, embarrass, or do anything else to another Member, guest or WEBZEN employee.
      c. Transmit or facilitate distribution of Content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable."
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        what is this.
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          Looks like you have trouble uninstalling Webzen or Gameguard. At least that's my best guess from the google translate you added to your post. Therefore moving this to 'Help!'

          For your information: When you installed the game, you agreed to its Terms of Services. Threatening to take legal actions because you seem unable to deinstall programms on your computer will not help with uninstalling.

          My PC is not a hangout
          We have no influence over whatever else software you installed onto your computer that might be causing the issues. We are also not responsible for any viruses, worms, trojans you might have added to your computer on purpose or mistake.
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