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Help please on Berserker build

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  • Help please on Berserker build

    Hello Rappelz Community,

    I would like someone to help me in Rappelz for i have chosen the Berserker job and i really dont know much about Berserkers, could anyone please help me in belt pets and how to know the best armor/ weapon what healing pet to get?

    i look everywhere - all im getting while im searching old rappelz guild for like v8.3 and lower i need for 9.5v ,,hope anyone can help me ,, looking forward to get my character big!

    best regards ... thank you.
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    Belt pets =3xs1 mino, or 3xs5 hawks (mino is slightly better), other two slots alternate between 2xs2 uni and 2xs2 nm or one of each

    Boss cards hector patk, mephisto. The last alternates btwn SLK or wooden devil. Or yushiva if you need HP.

    Weapons is 1h axes, most use that, but some still use 2h axe. Imo 1h axes is better, more basics damage and double the heal from hector. However you lose out on skill damage a little.

    pw gear should be steel presence, for the insane hp. If you're adamantly against this because you want damage, then the 2h axe skill training gear (can't remember exact name) is an alternative...

    black widow or ashmaw healer is best for tank and melee classes.
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