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Game Guard Error Since last update 30/9/2016

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  • Game Guard Error Since last update 30/9/2016

    Im getting a error from game guard and cant login (logon screen just frozen) "COMMUNICATION WITH GAME GUARD HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED"

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    before the emergency maintenance, I had 0 problems, after, E-maintenance I get: "game client or game guard has been altered" and shortly after that: "Communication line with Game guard has been disconnected, this is on my main pc, my buffslaves had the same problem for 3-4 times, and after that it just logged in and they are still logged in, still able to move, do skills, trade.
    How do I fix this?


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      I get the "Communication line with Game guard has been disconnected" message as well as I was logging in. I dismissed the dialog box and logged in as usual and after a few mins in game I got logged out. Happened 3 times now.

      My very old slave laptop has no such issue.


      • WoundedBadger
        WoundedBadger commented
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        On Win10 fixed by a researt and deleting (multiple times) the GameGuard folder where you have the game installed.

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      Try deleting the contents of your Game Guard folder.


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        Noire, but wath content? theres many files there


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          i have deleted the files in game guard folder, then updated, but got the error again (Win 10)
          Getting new error when updating


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            Tried to log in but i get game guard issues which dont allow me to even enter game?

            First it say: Game guard has been changed or altered and then Communication with Gameguard been Disconnected!???

            I even tried to change the compatibility ( since i use windows 10) but it doesnt work at all. Can you please fix this issue ASAP?

            Best regards a dedicated player of Rappelz


            • Mochatroid
              Mochatroid commented
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              I think some people have suggested deleting the GameGuard folder in your Rappelz directory, so that when you run the game it re-creates the GameGuard folder.

              If you're not comfortable with deleting it, maybe try renaming it instead (change the name to GameGuard_Old or something)

              Let us know if it helps or not,

            • Steppenwolf
              Steppenwolf commented
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              Yes i tried deleting Gg files in folder and seems to work after 3rd its kinda OK but i hope they can fixthissoon so we dont have to do this all the time .

            • Boomerang
              Boomerang commented
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              Same issue, no fix with deleting the game guard folder, I guess I'll have to reinstall... God I love reinstalling this game...

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            Tried to play the game today and on logon screen I keep getting the message...................... "Game Guard or Game Client has been altered"
            followed by this message......................"Communication line with Game Guard has been disconnected"

            I logged onto the game fine yesterday and had no problem all day then logged out as usual.
            Have reinstalled Game Guard but still gives the same messages.
            please any ideas with this problem


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              Well, they said they will look into it at maint. tonight. But you get to miss at least a week of the event, all is good though, cause GM Naz said sorry.


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                - GameGuard has been updated to improve compatibility with Windows 10

                Not sure why just win 10, the problem is also on my win7 machine and most likely on other win versions.


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                  i have the seem error and it didn't work even after the update