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  • Class Balance Continued

    Class Balance Nazgul @Tharja

    Want to start off by saying enjoying the new pets they are awesome and a very nice touch to the game. Thanks to Nazgul, Tharja and the webzen/gala team for the work that was put in.

    I’m not sure what’s up next but I would really like to see the class balance continue where it was left off. Also go back to some classes that had changes done but might still need some work.

    The classes I think still need a balance or a rebalance Cardinal, magus, deadeye, Corruptor, beast master and master breeder.

    The classes are the most important part of the game. So when some of them aren’t balanced correctly or just can’t match up with the top tier classes it cuts a big part of the game out for all players. It gets old seeing the same 3-4 classes in dungeon parties and all the rest are left out or worse just buff slaves.

    There isn’t anymore need for nerfing classes I don’t think just boosting the under rated and underplayed classes. Nerfing just ends up hurting players who have put time and money into that class. We have a good top tier class base we just need the other weaker classes to be brought up to their level.

    Not looking for any ideas on this post just wanted to see if there were still players who would like to see the class balance continued.

    Thank you Webzen and Gala Team
    class balance continue
    or leave as is
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    I agree, classes should be equal so all classes are desired. However, equal doesn’t mean getting the same dps for all classes but balanced in other ways.

    I still remember the first time playing as a cleric (in 2007) and was so fragile that a the other group members had to escort me from Lost mines entrance to spot... My toon was needed even thou my dps was poor!
    Lydian -> Fenrir -> Baphomet -> Betrayal -> Reviac server


    • Anto
      Anto commented
      Editing a comment
      Just making sure if you saw dps in my post I meant dungeon parties. I went and changed it so there won’t be any mix ups.

      I do agree with not all classes should have the same type of dps but I also agree all classes should be able to have some kind of soloing element. Cause some classes do have different roles tank, healer, dd, cc, ranged. even the different between nuke classes and constant damage classes. But yeah I agree with not every class should be the same and all classes should be needed.

      Thank you for the input I hope more players do the same. 👍

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    Corrupter needs some love, corpse mine needs to be buffed hardcore and the DoTs need to be able to do damage every second and jump to enemies. No reason DoT play shouldn't be a thing for corrupter.


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      Let’s share this post as much as we can to get more players voting even if we feel like it might not be seen we should still try. The DT buff got boosted from players asking for it enough. Thanks everyone


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        masterbreeder are the weakest class, even with s5 pets and +23 or higher gears. i know what im talking about. im 188 and cant even solo dd s3, other classes have way less problems to solo dd s3 or higher. but i post something about classrebalnce already so often,, that i get tired about it already...


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          Yes i agree that masterbreeder would likely be deserved some boost, as well as beast master.. havet really tested them with their full potential yet, still bm as slave so main skill is locked for me but having same buffs, pets and equil that i use for my ol the damage output was mostly laughable 😂😂😂 mb been doing a bit better but still ...well, havent tested these new pets yet as i dont have much time to play nowadays due to alot of lag and rl stuff.. but was hoping that would.most likely fit these "weaker classess" and boost them to the apropriae level..similar as.not mevery pet type is for all class, the right pet/type for the desired class would make a serious outcome.. im looking forward to test it on my own asap, but as i mentioned, neither void would profit much from vortex mafic set or occultism, so cant really confirm.. "