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Best class to PLvl and solo ROA/Drags with ?

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  • Best class to PLvl and solo ROA/Drags with ?

    So I have some guildiees and they power leveled my up on my deadeye to 175 and it got me thinking. I'd love to be able to just wipe a whole mob group with one spell but I was wondering what is the best class to do that with?

    I've seen Mercs. Void Mage. War Hunas. Even an assassin.

    Is it possible with good gear I can aoe them down as well with my deadeye?

    I'm currently on +17 xbows dual wield.

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    the problem with any AOE area is mobs spawn rate and how many people are there......any class with the right gear/pet/lvl can kill fast ......

    in a lot of cases while aoe'ing you have to wait for spawns while if you focus on single target you can kill just as fast or even faster without any wait time at all staying constantly on the move and killing at the same time......


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      when arrive devildom i wase a sh all +23 equip pots glove armour...and 1 cross +25 helmet +24 and make lev 3 in solo the second day arrived devildom...because in the first day i work
      and equip all have all +25 all