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War Kahuna's Symbiosis

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  • War Kahuna's Symbiosis

    Hi all

    I'm not sure this passive is working right. It says per level I get 2% Patk and Matk of summoned creatures Strength and Intelligence. I tried putting the strength and intelligence stones in a weapon but I don't seem to get any benefit when looking at my stats? Can anyone tell me whats going on here... I thought this worked like Mental Link on the Magus where you get the benefit from gears equipped...?

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    Don´t overthink this passiv. I tried the same as you maximizing thru pets that have an good amount of strength and intelligence. Did not really do what it states, so changed to two pets S5 snowman when I´m a DD and Healer if I´m solo.
    Need the heal if I don´t have the aoe heal available


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      After changing the equips you have to heal the pet or something like it for the stats to "refresh". Did you do that?