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    Sorry if this question is asked a lot, but i wanna know more about characters like Mephisto.
    What race is Mephisto, where did he come from, how did he end up in the circus. Is he charismatic, smart, or a wise person. What is his armor made of, where did he get it? Is Mephisto a friend of Lilith. What race is Lilith, where did she come from, how did she end up in the circus. Is she charismatic, smart or wise? What the heck is soul of lunacy, why does he smell so bad? Why is his smile so cute?

    Thank you to anyone that helps explain the character story more, again sorry if this is obvious and i totally missed it

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    You may just have been given me some ideas....


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      Originally posted by Gaulie View Post
      You may just have been given me some ideas....
      What kinda ideas?


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        Editing a comment
        Make a "Biographical" story about them and how their struggles by not been accepted by the society led them to a life of crimes...