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Why a new content BUT not the masterbreeder class rebalance

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  • Why a new content BUT not the masterbreeder class rebalance

    ...this is really a joke. the masterbreeder need their class rebalance.

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    I am very agree with you


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      I absolutely disagree with you because the last update which resulted in having more equipmentslots (for pets) made the class way better and definitely viable.
      How about posting ideas for the rebalance instead of just crying all the time? - That would be called constructive criticism.


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        What rebalance are you expecting ?
        I mean, masterbreeder is a pet class (already able to solo anywhere pretty easily) and new pets are coming. What else do you want ?

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          It makes more sense to release pets, then rebalance the pet classes around that. You can see how much double attack it gets, what potency % should be, how much cp should they give to pets, etc etc.

          If they gave a final rebalance to the pet classes along with the last batch, then released new and overpowered pets - you can see how that could go terribly wrong.

          I get that ur frustrated, but theres a correct sequence of events that needs to be followed to ensure the job is done right.
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            You haven't written a single suggestion for improvement, it's just brekoot. For example, the Templars clearly wrote what bothered them and it was agro. The class was balanced, it's now really a tank and so I regret the tragic KS. I'm a tank for pt, not solo DD.


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              1. Buffing pets =/= specifically REBALANCING Master Breeder. (It just so happens there are 2 more pet classes)

              2. Lots of suggestion have been given to the point giving more it's pointless. Pretty sure the problem isn't lack of suggestions.

              3. How about nerfing OL before adding the new pets? Sounds unfair right? So does leaving MB as it is before adding new pets.