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character transfer scroll WTF :/

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  • character transfer scroll WTF :/

    Apr 19 2020
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]I sent you a message that someone would transfer my character to Eden so far and 2 conservation and shit have already passed; / the trail is getting me what not competent people are working there to just not transfer the character ... practically nothing new to the game is about what's up if you don't like what webzen keeps you there ... failure
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    Talking about confusing and incompetent communication... That post might not have been the best way to bring your point across


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      I have already sent 3 applications to the support and they only wrote back to one, so I write on the forum because there are people piling up ... 2 maintenance waited until the character moved and what?they did nothing, still the forum breaks something because as I wrote everything was ok now some nonsense