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Event coupons?

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  • Event coupons?

    The purge event, It says on website that 5 COUPONS for every hour and coupons are dropped in game as well.
    I have been getting 5 COINS for every hour.
    When go to Captain Isla, COINS are for weapons and armour and mask and cloak... No problems
    At Captain Isla there is "claim your bounty reward" here is problem, COUPONS are needed to get the strikes etc.
    Where are the coupons to be found?
    Thanks in advance.

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    That coupon drops from monsters. Over the last years we learned that there probably is only one coupon per day on each server which is fine since the prize is roughly worth 100$ of CS Items. Get lucky and get a coupon by farming. i suggest farming in the earlier hours so you'll have a better chance that it is not gone yet.
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      Thanks for the info Realize.