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  • We all have a story...

    Some of you may know me. I've played the game since 2006 and run the BND channel.
    One thing I have always seen through my years in the game and mostly with returning players, is that we all have a story.
    I started the game when on R&R during the Iraq war. I spent my 10 days off combat playing a brand new game with my 4yo daughter.
    I heard stories of people that met some of their best friends in this game. Some started when at bed rest recovering from injuries.... one of my past guildies played to help deal with his daughter's terminal disease.
    I would love to feature everyone's story on one of my next videos. This game I feel stayed alive for this long because we all feel a connection to it in different levels.

    Please post your stories bellow i you guys have any.... it can be silly or hearth warming. But they all bring us together.

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    I started because a girl I was dating, I guess shortly after the Lidian merge on fenrir. She and I were running around killing things and thought hmmm....there must be more t I it than this...Over the next few weeks I logged on and off and finally got to the ultimate witch trial....This was when you needed an r7 to help you or you were pretty much cooked....a few guys ran accross us from SoV and helped us through. We joined the guild knowing hardly anything and as the months went by I soaked up everything I could from Hesacon and soon was on every minute I wasn't working.....about a year later Souxie quit playing but I continued on. The memories of logging on and see all my new friends, hesacon, Minkor, GiG, DrJuJu, Enticement and so many others filled a void i had in my life at that time. As the years past people dropped off but SoV trudged on and I became the GM for what seemed like another 6 years..Shout out to Shandrazel, TankedUp, and so many others
    ..We all reach a point where we have to return to life, but the friends I made from SoV, Onesky, eXile, and so many others still hold a place in my thoughts to this day.
    Its a game ladies and Gentlemen and while we're in it we all had a roll to play, whether it be the strongest guild, the peace keepers, or the Villian, shout out to implode, lol sorry for always chasing you down... It was a great 11 years for me I stopped playing about 2 years ago and every so often ill log in and see if I recognize a name and then just as quietly slip away....
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      That is f*ing awesome.....That's what I am talking about! THANK YOU!!!!

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    Way back in 2007 I bought myself a classic car and had met a few people through a forum I got on well with. One of them and his GF introduced me to Rappelz. This was about the time my first son was born so I was often logged in on Tanda during sleepless nights. I have quit and taken breaks many times but always return. I have made many friends over the years, most don't play any more but honourable mentions to Elementiis, Emeriis, Ezz0, Momoo, Born, Anna, KaiofLexx, Verdi et al.