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A few questions regarding achievements and Job Levels.

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  • A few questions regarding achievements and Job Levels.

    At the very least I'm running all nine beginner classes to get an easy 2,000 wchips for later use, either on feathers or Stamina Savers. I'm strongly considering also running all of the second classes as well to get more chips, it would probably put me close to 10k if I did them all.

    Is it worth spending the time to do this, leveling each class to 50 and hitting their second job for the achievement? Besides the wchips, would you loot you gain from that grind be worth the time and effort you put in? I'm coming into this completely unfunded (though I may buy some Chaos Stone Packages via the shop in the future) so part of my priority is to build up a decent warehouse and Rupee stash for later, without having to sink actual money into the game. Playing it as if it's not P2W, in other words (which I hope it isn't). Even if that means grinding it out in measly +5 gear and rare shards, I can make do.

    Also, is it worth leveling each job all the way before changing to the next job? I.E JLvl10 before becoming a Holy Warrior, JLvl50 before becoming a Knight, etc? Though the stat boosts are small, I would think they are worth it since they are permanent and cannot be gained back if you choose to pass them up. Especially for a player who plans to use non-dura gear, an S0 pet (Blue Pixie) and no cash shop costume items. I'm playing this as if it were the days of Epic 4.

    But more on that later, is it worth doing the second class achievements to build up a bank of wchips for later? Or just do the first class and move on?

    Also, is there a delay on how long it takes for achievements to register? I did all three Deva 1st classes a couple of days ago but the achievements are not showing still.

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    Okay, I heard something about needing a 150+ character on your account to even be eligible for achievements at all.

    Is this actually true? I've done six of the nine Noob class achievements now, and none of them are showing up in my Achievement Archive, nor am I getting any wchips for them. My wchip count is still at 0.


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      Don't waste your time.... by the time you run out of sta savers that you get free as you level, you will have a ton of achievement points. Achievements are mostly worth to get temporary pets when yours run out

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    Regardless of whether or not they're worth it, the fact is that they're not working for me. I've done six of the Nine noob classes, Holy Warrior, Cleric, Breeder, Fighter, Kahuna, and Spell Singer, and none of those achievements are showing up in my archive, nor is the Level 20 achievement. I'm not getting any credit or wchips for these achievements, even though I've clearly satisfied their requirements.



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      That's strange.... I never looked to see how quick it shows on the shop. May have to put a ticket in

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    I've reported it on the Discord. Let's see if it is being looked into.


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      I hope so, I've done all nine starter classes now, so that should be around 1800 wchips or so, still have 0 at the moment though. And I don't want to start second class achievements until this gets sorted out.

      I'm in no hurry to start leveling, to me the game was most fun during Rank 2 and 3, and started getting stale around Crystal Valley and Palmir. I like the slow grind and acquiring loot (I.E stones, cards, non-dura gear that any race can use, etc) along the way, not rushing to high level and getting carried through Witch quests.


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        Well, I've submitted a ticket on the matter and the status of that ticket says Escalated, so it seems the matter is being investigated. We'll see what happens.

        In the mean time I'm going to start doing a couple of second class transfers so I can build some +10 R2-R5 gear for other characters, soulstones and all.

        I've made about 1bil so far, surprisingly. Apparently farming and selling Baron Madius and Emmanuel Raymond cards is decent money for a newbie. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a Lv10 Chaos Stone before long.


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          Just out of curiosity, has anyone else been having problems with Achievements lately? I want to know if this is a global thing with Rappelz or simply a problem specific to me.

          I heard a rumor that you must have a Lv150 character on your account to be eligible for achievements, but only one person in game actually said that, and I have no idea whether or not it's true.


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            So I'm still not getting Achievements after maintenance, so whatever the problem is, it still persists.

            I'm wondering why I'm the only one having this problem though.


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              So my ticket was closed and I got no resolution to my problem at all.


              Thank you for your ticket.

              General game feedback or suggestions, technical issues and bug reports should be reported in the official forum. Below, you will find links which will help you find the right sub-forum for your inquiry.

              General Game Questions, Technical Issues and Bug Reports:


              Please check out the list of known issues and look for existing posts regarding your issue before posting your own. Please do not open additional or duplicate posts for topics that are already being discussed.

              Alternatively, for gameplay and technical support, you can ask for assistance on the Rappelz Discord server in the help channel.

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              In case you want to discuss another matter: Feel free to contact us again.

              Take care,
              Your WEBZEN Team
              They didn't fix my achievements or even give me any indication what the problem was, they just closed the ticket.

              Seriously? If this is how the staff treats its player base, why should I continue to play? This is a big problem for me and if I'm going to invest my time in this game, if they themselves cannot resolve it, I at least want to know what's causing it and how to fix it on my end. This is unacceptable.

              Well, I guess all I can do then is post this problem in the Bug forum and hope someone has an answer.


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