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  • MC trial problem

    okay so i made a new character and had no problems up to this point.

    i'm on the master trials (done them on 3 other characters without a problem up to now......) i'm on the final part of collecting ancient magic -21/22- the trial i keep getting is rigg and rukaric , now across 4 characters this one has NEVER worked as yet they never appear....after starting it , resetting it , waiting for it to time out and drop it and start again , leaving the entire place and going to HV and then going back , logging out entirely and logging back in , logging out for more then 24h and then trying again....NEVER worked BUT on 3 characters i was able to bypass it by being given a different trial instead of that one.

    this time such luck as i said i'm on 21/22 ancient magic , tried all the previous methods (except logging for 24h) and it keeps throwing me into the same one that DOES NOT WORK AT ALL! 25 or so times now and still the same one and still does not work at any advice here would be appreciated.

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    turn at cube.
    start facing north, turn 15 degrees every enter


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      Okay, 21/22 is basically only bad luck. Just cancel this one quest and start it again so you have 0/22 again.
      The last room that seems to not work for you actually works only as a bonus. Back in the days the quests were a lot harder and if you completed every single quest even though you had enough points you were able to get the last bonusroom.

      The Points that you get at every room are gambled. if you try again you're most likely to get the needed 22 points.
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        You've hit the RNG fail. Just abandon the quest and retake it. This used to happen a lot more in years gone by. It was also a lot harder as the light beam rooms were almost impossible without speed gears and a lot of luck.
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          As others said, just drop and retake the quest, make sure u had used the Master Crystal before you talk to the NPC and that you still have its effects when u walk into the circle at middle of the room.