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where to get xbows?

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  • where to get xbows?

    looking for where to get an appropriate xbow to use , i'm lvl 70 and everywhere i've looked tells you ABOUT xbows stats and stuff but no where tells you WHERE to get them ...bit stupid really....all the ones in auction are either level 110 or cost high millions and as a new starter tonight i don't have it

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    Crossbows usually drop from every monster that you kill. i do not recommend you to play on a crossbow though. Since the last big update it is better to use either two one handed weapons or a 2 handed weapon because it deals way more damage. you don't need to buy anything out of the auctionhouse since you will slice through the levels anyways

    if you need any help feel free to post your questions here or in the ingame chat.

    In case that you really want crossbows anyways you can buy them in the Hidden village. Just look for the NPC that sells weapons.
    (depending on your class you can also dual wield those!)

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