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General thoughts of an senior rappelz citizen...

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  • General thoughts of an senior rappelz citizen...

    Dear Webzen,
    Dear Community,

    we started playing Rappelz back in 2007-2009 timeframe, were the game was run by another publisher - gPotato.
    There were ups and downs but general the times were different and so the community.
    Older generations that came from games like DAOC, WOW, Metin came over to Rappelz to play a simpler and fancy game.
    The economy was focused on grinding and gaining, open to all players that put in the time and effort.
    Over time with the increase of dependency´s on cs, a lot of things changed.
    Yes - you might not need HV to play but having it was only a slight edge - a more comfortable thing.
    The community did things to arrange their game style either having it, that players were more non-pet chars than those who did not use hv.

    Rank 3 till Rank 7 was a grind and every rank had its rewards, you had group activity players on mass that searched for things.
    The concept of the game was driven by players' demand, things that came in the cash shop were chosen to fulfill those and not created to again further attract dependencies.
    The game paid itself for those that did not want to invest in cash shop - those who did buy for multiple players and got their money worth in in-game items.

    It was a flourishing community, market, and game.

    Now fast forward to today - we have capitalism on the last stand. The richest have everything, the middle class is almost non-existent - those were the ones that were constantly shouting WTB, WTS, etc. And the poor have to do either heavy investments on time or cs to get going because the gap gets bigger by every second.

    With this concept, you as the game/publisher are probably aware that there is a train about to crash and the game and community already decaying...

    What Webzen/Gala and you CM´s/GM´s probably not realize is that you have a gem here, an almost "ra*ed" community that against all odds stayed or sometimes returns.
    I know it is easy to pinpoint things that don´t work without solutions... but I´ll ask you to take those that work on project 7, let them go in discussion with the community and work on a roadmap for the next updates/changes and also let them work on release plans for cash shops.

    I´m not alone with the thought process that those who fill the cash shop don´t understand what the game is driven by, there are soo many items that are still in there and need major reworks to make them interesting again.

    I´m am a business owner, I run things in the real life - have great customers, great contracts in place and good to great products - but I have to adapt from time to time and go with the demand. There is something that Rappelz has, which is a certain amount of buying power that will still be there even if the product or products are shit - I´d love to have that!

    So in the long run, there is always a gut feeling - those are not facts because I don´t have access to Rappelz numbers. You guys have almost to zero new players, those who start the game delete it afterward pretty fast because the gap is too big and there is no gain in the low-level department. You guys also lost those gamers that created a demand on items from the CS that did not buy CS goods themselves but let others buy and paid in in-game items. (I´d say a general decrease in sales on the base products)
    Stamina savers, luck potions and everything those kinds that in the past were sold. Those market you run down by your events and you can make a change to that adding rather than drop items buffs into the game.

    Why should 75% of the server not be able to solo DD4 to drop their shit?
    Increase their access to in-game items - don´t put drop items in place rather give buffs.

    I mean I can solo DD all instances without frags due to my "great" equipment - but getting there I needed a group of people with them I worked my way up.
    The mentality is a totally different one at that time of my group than those I look to now - we have a return of old players that played on the low content and are happy to grind bits and dots in the ancient ruins. Why not give them the chance to farm their stuff in Devildom?

    Yes - we need harder content sure! But how about decreasing the drop rate on DD4 to make it easier.
    And increase the drop/exp on DD5-6 but make it harder?

    Or put in Hidden Devildom - you don´t have to create totally new content but what you need to do is make sure those who start the game don´t have a payment wall in their face! Under the current circumstances, nobody of my guild would play this game if they had to restart from the beginning.

    Yes, there are ways to get the stuff without the payment wall - but ask yourselves when was the last time you did a 6-10 hour DP marathon?
    Mine was probably back 2015 or so...

    My quick summary, I´d rather appreciate world buffs that make a change... I mean with your Webzen coins for example to get +24 event EQ - I say people running DD3-4 with that equipment and having fun - why not make that a constant thing in the game? IF you want better you have to have your own, but if you can´t Here this is things we lend you for in-game activity coins...

    Thanks for reading,

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    Just because you cant solo DD, doesn't mean you can't make money. Im a lv 170 OL and have just been joining free plv parties in RotA to level up, spent maybe 500m on a basic PW set + Circus weapon and farming Cube with current 'Pet Season' event. I make anywhere between 1b-3b an hour.

    Sure, this is nothing compared to what I'd make if I could solo DD but honestly, that's the old school rappelz I like. If I could solo end game content off the bat, I'd get bored within a week


    • Rickster
      Rickster commented
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      I play on Reviac (US server) despite being from GMT time zone so player base is a fluctuation. There are periods where the server is slow/empty so I go into Cube or go on a taming spree. I would presume the weekend is your best shot. Make the most of the fact that the player base will rise for another month or so.

      Who knows, if it be that bad, change servers :P

    • TheBlackWolf
      TheBlackWolf commented
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      3b per hour farming cube ? what ? im missing something here.....

    • Rickster
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      Note I said 1b - 3b, a combination of +5 skill cards and expensive creature supplies (Soul Creature Selective Potion etc) and Extreme powers

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    I disagree with some of what your said Sunair.

    SS have become very cheap trough events and that's a good thing. Think of Growth Potions in the item shop as what SS used to be.
    Simular with other items, now it's not about the equiment, tents or cloaks anymore. I bet the item shop mostly runs on HV passes and epro/erep/ancient cubes now.
    Yes, it is more CS dependant but it needs to be to compensate for the lower number of CS users.

    Decreasing the droprate in S4 DD but increasing it in S5 & S6??? WHAT??? That's the opposite of what we need! That way there will be even fewer players that can efficiently farm for Yushiva's essences, devil orbs, sand beads, scales of dd etc. If anything we need better droprates in lower stages so it's easier to get at least a yushi belt before moving to S4.
    The vast gap between the poor and the rich is the result of high enhancment bonusses, all kinds of awakenings, 8 slot belt pets, emblems, special deco gears, Item shop soulstones, etc etc. Turning back would kill the game as it would make the people that invested in all those things feel ripped off and rightfully so.