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  • A simple request to WZ

    So, most of europe is now locked down, and people will be playing much more than before. If I know anything about WZ, they'll take players for granted and not offer any new material.

    Here's a list of things that WZ itself can offer, without the need of the publisher, to make this time on rappelz more enjoyable for us all:

    1-More exp events (granted, we have one running. But keep it going!)

    2-Server buffs - these usually come during the summer. Bring them forward. Do the buff event that changes weekly.

    3-Drop rate event - we haven't had one of these since the introduction of the drop rate mechanism. A small +100%-200% drop rate buff, for a week here and there would go a long way to keeping players engaged.

    4- Bring back the most popular events within the next month or so. So these events are the seasonal ones, such as Thanksgiving or Halloween, but also the boss events and pig cards.

    5-CS events - this one explains itself.

    6- Push the new pet patch through, quickly. Though I doubt they would, this is one surefire way to keep us engaged and to keep the grind going.

    It would be difficult to lose players during a time like this, but it doesn't mean WZ should get lazy. Other games are already offering ALL of the above.
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    Yes please, great ideas 👍🏻