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[Unique] pet - Need advice

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  • [Unique] pet - Need advice

    TLDR; I love the original pets and hate soul pets

    I've been running around with my s5 ifrit since forever and just love the old style pets. Currently looking at getting a 2nd pet but am unsure which of the [Unique] pets to get as the wiki is pretty dry.

    The main ones that caught my eye are:
    - Undine - (Tank + p.atk skill dmg)
    - Death Tyrant - (Player skill buff)
    - Blight Ogre - (p.atk skill dmg, a few decent ones)
    - Baphomet - (healer)

    ^This is what I can determine at first glance at them.
    Looking to find people who own and use these pets to give me more info, pros/cons.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Should probably note, I'm lv 160 Overlord atm. Also have no info on Minotaurus (Is it a stronger Blight Ogre?)
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    Being an Overlord as well I'd advice the Undine, you need the tank, though DT can also serve as tank and is cheaper. If you play on Reviac you can pm me ig on Leeloos and I can help you on any other question you have since I have some experience with all those pets you listed while I was looking for a good pet duo for myself


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      - Blight Ogre is known for his balance between P.Atk and M.Atk => not usefull for Overlord ( Except if you use it to Farm mobs with AOE attacks )
      - Mino + Death Tyrant is a good combo in my opinion and a Baphomet/ Drill (Pick) heal in case you are doing a hard boss and you need to switch it with one of the other 2 pets.

      - Undine is a Tank but has less Damage than the Mino/Death Tyrant.

      There is videos on youtube about all these pets that you can watch before deciding anything.

      Good luck!