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  • Best classes based on popularity

    To make this list, I used the average level of the top-50 players on the leaderboard. I used this method because top players tend to know the game well, are active in game and tend to have the resources to change class if they want to. The leaderboard number also make this list objective and verfiable. 750 player levels were used to make this list.

    With the help of Excel I ended up with the following result:
    (each time the number is the average level of the top 50 of that class)

    Wich ranking suprise you the most? Personally I was suprised with the number of high level oracle's.
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    Sadly this is not as accurate because people level up on broken classes and then HoH or RB to the other ones.


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      Most of those can be used as buff slaves. Nothing surprises me in that chart at all.


      • Lamalas
        Lamalas commented
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        That's why I only looked to the highest characters, most buffslaves are only level 160.
        The lowest level character being used for this list was 175, so we can safely say it doesn't include buffslaves.
        Oracles are the exception as they are used as toggle slaves in devildom.

      • Confusion
        Confusion commented
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        Yes, oracles would be an exception. I have a 175 slave oracle too.
        Two of my buff slaves (Cardinal and War Kahuna) are over 175. Because I had to make their Gaian Strength and Divine Purpose sets Nusylite given each piece was for different classes.
        Some players use slave pet classes to put on follow with their main pet classes.
        Thank you for the hard work on your chart but it does include some buff slaves also.