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Need some guild/alliance updates

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  • Need some guild/alliance updates

    We haven’t seen much guild or alliance updates other then citadel which pretty much got boring and repetitive after the first week.

    I would like to see alliances make a come back maybe get some benefits for having an alliance. Also an alliance chat tab maybe could get added.

    Sieges need some fixes, dungeon rewards for owning a dungeon need updating. Lots of cool old school dungeons but nothing beneficial from them. The dungeon buff was a good idea but maybe could be expanded on.

    guild hall or guild zone would be something that could bring some more meaning to having a guild. Some where that could be upgraded and customizable.

    Customizable guild cloaks: maybe add like a skin for deco cloak with no stats just to look different, different styles, colors, designs, and symbols or even put the guild icon on it.

    add on increase guild capacity 200 is pretty out dated. A few guilds have a lot of members but also have alts and other toons in the guild. So maybe make it 300-400

    just some ideas. If anyone has more to add post it here. I know forums are dead and this might get over looked but worth a try.

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    I like your ideas!

    To add two:

    Expanding the dungeon ownership buff (increased stats and xp rate when inside the dungeon) to include the hardmode and underground version for ml, lm, cv and pp.

    Disabeling gmfb in siege but when you die you can select any controller owned by your alliance at that time. Respawning with aura of protection and keeping buffs would be nice (kind of like the deathmatch now)


    • Anto
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      Perfect both those are great ideas 👍🏻

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    Guild mergers would be a better idea to remove the almost dead guilds without losing guild buff.

    Removal of the one week of no guild would also encourage transfers...

    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


    • Hitsuyga
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      Both really great ideas. I especially hope they remove the penalty. So outdated.

    • Anto
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      Yeah both those would be great