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  • Pk damage problem

    hello i have been playing rappelz since 2008. i have played many different mmorgp games but
    absurd pk understanding like in this game is not in any game
    pk everybody kills each other with one skill
    that's pretty ridiculous !!!
    you are trying so hard and pk you eat a funny situation
    there are 13 different classes in this game
    no class works properly on its own basis
    For example, the first example is the oracle class and the bishop class heals class, but pk is no longer important because everyone kills each other in one hit.
    This is an event that we do not want in pk. We want to enjoy pk and etc. as before. We want classes such as oracle and bishop to honor us by heal that they are also important in groups and pk
    The nonsense like yushiva belt has come in the game, the poor players have to officially obey everyone because they can not succeed in pk please please lower the pk checkers by 75-80-95%
    I think everyone will be oracle and bishop rather than classes like void, corruptor, marksman, since pk checkers will be a more enjoyable game.please please reduce the pk checkers by 95% so that we can enjoy the group pk everyone and group
    we play one skill game pk this is very bad and disgusting
    thank you
    we miss sample video

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    The underlying problem with pvp now is the huge difference between players, from very weak to very strong. In deathmatch there are players I can kill with 1 skill (not even a strong skill) no chip. On the other hand there are players I could launch a full volley of skills at and only take out half of their HP.

    A change to the pvp damage reduction is not the solution. We are at a point where some players can 1-shot manny others but also where 2 players with weak gears takes like 5 minutes just to kill the other even if he/she is not fighting back.

    Also, if you want group pvp please keep it to the arena, sieges or the deathmatch zone. PKing is not fun for the one getting pk'd.