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Optimizing a Master Breeder

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  • Optimizing a Master Breeder

    Hey there, returning player here looking at getting back into Rappelz. With the recent changes to pets, I was wondering how this actually impacts Master Breeders (who also have a new crit pow increase passive for pets?).

    I'm currently a lvl 170 MB running s3 mecca tank and s1 mecca meelee pets with +20 and +15 2h maces, with 4 slot lvl 155 armor, primal boar rings and crit artifacts on the s3.

    On myself, HP expansion gloves/boots (cant find potency or expansion body yet :/), creature mastery rings (+5 and +3), +20 r2 helm and bear skin belt.

    Am I missing anything? With newbie buff slaves (cardi, WK, magus, BM, DE, VM) and no hv buffs i get around 165k hp on the tank, though I see other MBs running around with a lot more than that.

    On a side note, how many buffs are there? Besides the character buffs, I always see folks with tons of other buffs running around. In terms of the optimizing your stats, what are all the buffs out there. and is it actually worth sinking a lot of money into running buffs for just 1 hour of dungeoning at a time?

    Appreciate any help that I could get on these questions!

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    That is indeed kinda low HP, could it be that you're missing some of your MC passives to increase pet HP? or maybe the tier of the pet? If you play on Reviac i can help you out to see what it is that could be wrong, lemme know your IG name and I'll pm you when I get home and log.


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      you need s5 pets and a +24 boots to see a big change


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        Ingame name is BreederRafayel, would appreciate any help i could get