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Rappelz Gaming News - 21 January 2020: Tharja's Interview and Project 7 Information

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  • Rappelz Gaming News - 21 January 2020: Tharja's Interview and Project 7 Information

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    This project 7 gives so much hope for the game! Hype!


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      Well... my english is so bad, more when i have to listen and understand u.u so...what is project 7?


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        I can't say exactly what Project 7 is, it's up to Nazgul to let players know. However, we have been working on a part of Rappelz that is a key feature of it, but that hasn't seen much attention for a very long time.

        We have also been doing a lot of work on it over the past couple of weeks and have made more progress in that period of time than any other while we have been working on it.

        I think we're both excited about what we have been working on because we are both long time Rappelz players and we're optimistic that others will share that excitement! Rappelz has not been forgotten about and there is something coming. We want to be able to share more details with players soon, so keep watching the news and hopefully it won't be much longer before players can see what we have been doing!

        Nazgul has even said elsewhere that 7 is not a new epic or dungeon, but you can try to guess what it is!


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          T7 blue pixies!!!!!!!
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            I've got it. They will nerf some classes so badly that there will only be 7 left. Or they will nerf 7 classes...
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              Pls don't be more pets. If they are, pls don't be more low tame rate pets that 4 or 5 people on each server have.

              Also its disappointing to hear it isnt a new dungeon, DD is pretty outdated now ;(
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                makes me nervous there's new 180+ defence gear coming make mine worthless and forcing me to spend a shit ton of cash again lol!


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                  New weapons seem more likely then new defence gear. Altough imo there should be no new weapons without a new dungeon.

                  Maybe it's a new special kind of item for pets- only?
                  Maybe a dungeon siege overhaul with automatic respawns at the controllers with full buffs (like deathmatch now) but with gmfb disabled? Siege for glory!
                  Hopefully a completion of the class rebalancing (Cardinal, master breeder, magus, evoker and berserker are still underpowered)

                  edit: a 7th PC or mobile game published by Webzen (I hope not)?
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                    Its been said on the interview that it will be for all players alike. Lvl 1, to lvl 210. So it cant be weapons or armor set. If its a key feature of the game I can only think of :

                    -Guild Vs Guild

                    Something getting improved on any of those.

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                  7slot for pet equipment


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                    Whatever it is they are going to %$#@ it up so hard that it will be completely unplayable and it will melt the computer your mom just bought you.