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  • christmas top up event

    hi guys was just wondering when you will be giving out the stuff for buying wcoins during Christmas event the event page said after event finishes I bought 13k wcoins but did not get anything yet. am I asking to early or did I miss out
    thanks Gbanga

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    Here are the rules of the Christmas Event Top-Up Special.

    1. You had to spend the Wcoin during the Top-Up event, not only purchase Wcoin.
    2. You had to Log into the webpage to the Top-Up special section and choose the prize you wanted based on Wcoin spent. *You should have gotten the items in item box if you did that already.

    If you did both of these things and did not receive your items. I would send a ticket.
    If you did not do these things then sadly you missed out the on the event.

    Hope this helps.


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      yeah looks like I didn't read properly and didn't realise I had the tokens to spend to get it thought it went in inv automaticly
      oh well next time read thx for reply