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    Dont want the Webzen try to make a new server whit different rules, exp, dmg, pet system, easier enchaments, and make the game great again and try collect more and more people?

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    Been there. Done that. It didn't work.


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      The existing players won't move and start over- it's cost waaaayyyy too much in terms of $$ and time, so you would be totally reliant on a new player base, which means spending a lot of money on advertising, etc.

      Maybe if they ever linked it up on steam they could make a new steam server - but I don't think it would generate enough $$ to justify the expense.
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        A new server with different enhancment rates or xp would push people to make alts on the new server to make weapon/defence food to the transfer it with server transfer scrolls. Or hop over and back for exp. All the while being disconnected to their freinds for a lonly experience. Without the social aspect, there is not much keeping people to the game. Thus it would bring it even closer to death then it already is.
        The choice could initially be to play alone or to play on an existing server with the unpleasent knowledge you'd make more progress with the same effort on the other server.


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          they did new server few years back and it didn't last