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  • Suspencion

    I"m Opening this post because, although there"s no protective aura while exiting a dungeon (we"re obviously Talking About DD) , I have been banned because of Portal pk.. I guess this is fine, since your rule states we cannot do it, but what I don"t accept is that you did not ban any of the People I reported. Me and my Guild have been pked in teleport so many times and I opened so many tickets, but yet, all the People that did this are still playing normally. In my opinion, this means you don"t apply your rules to everyone in the same way. I kept doing Portal pk because of this.. cause you did not ban all the People I reported. rules are useless if not applied to everyone in the same way. I will proceed, if in any way possible, by legal means..
    Bosphorus Guild..

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    Closing this as bans or in game mutes are not to be discussed in the forums. If you have an issue with a ban or mute then you are to submit a ticket to Customer Support.

    Bans will not be discussed openly on the forums for any reason. Any thread or post created for this purpose will be removed without notice. If you wish to discuss a ban, please send a ticket at"

    Need to submit a ticket? Click
    1) Choose the category of your issue.
    2) See if any of the listed articles resolve your issue.
    3) If none of the articles resolve your issue, you can click on the most relevant article to submit a ticket.