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sale 29.11.2019

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  • sale 29.11.2019

    HoH Special Offers 2900.-
    HoH Consumables / Misc. 1885.- 8-)

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    Well... Lets talk about the new cloaks and the feathers.

    The new cloaks look awesome... really😃👍 the price is fine... and ofc ppl want it to have 5 m/p atack. So we buy the expensive feathers....
    stil “ok”, but I feel scammed by the fact those Deco enchanment feathers fail 9/10 times... thats just... no words for that. Atleast I wint fall for This again. I feel bad


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      When you reach 28 feathers to get +5 on the cloak... then we can talk.
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        Ur Lucky with only 28 and have it +5 -,- mine is only +1


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          Hi guys.
          At least you got your new cloak.
          I purchased new medusa and never recieved it.
          Ticket sent waiting for reply.
          dont know when you use real money we get bad enhanced rate
          good luck with rest of enhancing


          • Klaig
            Klaig commented
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            Sorry about that, you will get your reply (and your cloak) as soon as possible.

          • Eus47
            Eus47 commented
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            Thx for reply Klaig. Ticket been esculated will be sorted soon, can now decide what else to buy 😁

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          26, thought my luck was bad...
          Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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            Very disappointed that the HoH special price was not displayed as the sale started...
            Bought 3k wcoin to spend so I could qualify for razor cloak. Saw HoH price and figured it still way too expensive for a sale so I went for cubes instead...

            10 minutes later the HoH was fixed to the actual discount price and let me tell you... I was furious... I could've bought 3 HoH inatead.

            Please put right prices next time as the sale starts so people can actually make good purchases with their real money spent.


            • Klaig
              Klaig commented
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              Please send a ticket to the support and if you bought the HoH at the wrong price we will let you gets something else to complete it.

            • TweekEST
              TweekEST commented
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              Oh no, no. I bought Defense cubes instead because HoH was still 2,900 wcoin with the special sale, which I thought was very ridiculous. So because the displayed price was not right from the start, I missed out on a great deal. That's all. I am not very educated on wcoin prices in shop so I had no idea HoH price was not correct.

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            Klaig when I bought medusa cloak ofc it fail but w coins been taken ,I have sent ticket and got cloak like 4-5 days after that which is cool but why cloak end up in my inventory instead of item CS box ?