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Transmog Charms for pets

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  • Transmog Charms for pets

    Here goes for the 3523781th time:

    We all know and probably have used Transmog charms for weapons and armors- it's a cool idea and we know it works.

    So now why not revive some of the old Rappelz and make the same item for pets?

    Old pets are pretty much dead and useless and only a handful of them are used as belt pets. Using them for combat is borderline useless and you only gimp your power this way. But for many of us older players, Rappelz is still mostly about pets to the core. We grew up with pre-soulpet era pets and we grew to love them. Not just that but alot, if not MOST of the old pets look very nice. Same with some of the soul pets, they look good but because they are basic, rare of special tier, nobody will actually use them because well... they suck.

    The unimaginable amount of work that has been put into design by the developers to make ALL of the pets in the game, only a handful (UNIQUE) tier pets are used and this is really sad.
    Rappelz is filled with amazing pet designs so please, let us use them with out gimping and messing up our characters!

    You did it with weapons and armors, now make a transmog for pets. Make it work the same way- use charm on main pet and have the charm consume which ever pet you used for new skin. Alot of us would be happy to pay for such item so toss it in the item shop and enjoy profits!

    Lets hear everyone's thoughts. Would be cool to see summoners with Genie and Ifrit dual summoning again! Or DT+WD? Yes please!
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    I support this idea, my fav pets of them all are the BluePixie and the Harpie.
    Having an ugly Betty healer disguised as a BP or a Vomitive SouSeeker Ranged as a sexy Harpie is something i would like much.

    Or... they could fix old pets so they could be used again..., lol that's never gonna happen.


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        Originally posted by AllSeeingEye View Post
        Lmao! Yeah it really is the case to be honest...


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          yup lol. its the truth

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        I dont think this is ever gona happen, and not even see any reason why it should.. if u like bp, use the bp.. if u like to use harpy use harpy..if u wana mighty sandlord fight next to you..u go tame fkin sandlord, easy as that..


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          You can write about it 3523781 times. I really do not think they will do it. Everyone will still be running around w tiny back legged bone dragons, flying dog looking abhuvas and twerking death gladiators. But I good luck... maybe we will catch the 3523782nd time.


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            For what it's worth, I support this Idea and would use it myself if it were released into the game.


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              I would like that too very much I mean we have Transmog charms for weapons and armors so why not have add another one for pets


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                this would be cool and id happily pay good money for it