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  • Weekly KTS Patchnotes

    This mainpost will always get updated.

    KTS Patchnotes from: 02/08/2020 <- US EU -> 08/02/2020 <- KTS Patchnotes history
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    Some nice changes there.

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      'over 150'. So basically 150 to 210, all in the same area...given the huge difference in armor between even 174 and 175, never mind between under 175 and 200+, this will be more of a slaughter than a competition.

      Add in the laughable pvp in this game, and this looks like a brief pk fest before it dies a death and becomes populated by the usual 3-4 suspects plus one or two who go in once, get wiped a dozen times without any chance of even damaging the other player, and quit (and maybe quit the game too).

      And only once a day at 8pm server time means many will never make it at all.

      It's nice they are trying to change things a bit, but adding pointless pvp at a fixed time of day with a range of 150-210 doesn't really show that they understand the player base or their own game very well at all.

      Although I guess once it dies down a bit we'll see massive kill trading with players who have 18 alts all logged in sweeping up massive amounts of white steel to sell at some crazy OP price to the rest of us whilst ensuring no one else can enter and make any progress.

      They need to make white steel drop somewhere relevant- like add it to the DD drop tables for normal mobs, not hide it behind this bad idea for a daily.

      If they made it 'anyone over 150 can choose a templated toon from our list and play' so that everyone had the same equipment, level and stats then it might be a lot more fun as then some small element of skill might come into play (given the broken pvp mechanics for some classes, not much).
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        Updated Mainpost since it's still part of the same update:
        KTS Patchnotes from the 11/13/2019 <- US EU -> 13/11/2019

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        • Lamalas
          Lamalas commented
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          A limited range and mov speed sounds good, as it is crucial in pvp. I hope they find a way to implement it so it doesn't become a massive lag/bottlefest.

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        KTS Patchnotes from the 11/20/2019 <- US EU -> 20/11/2019


        1. 1 Scorepoint up on joining Deathmatch.
        2. 200 AP as base reward
        3. You won't loose buffs

        4. Lunachip bugfix
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        • Fainewedd
          Fainewedd commented
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          Thanks mate!

          1 point per entrance? AP?

        • Realize
          Realize commented
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          Fainewedd No, the new DM zone is based on scorepoints. You can slay mobs and players and get points based on the level of them. Up on entrance you get a single point added onto your score. That way you will be able to grab the "basic rewards" daily.

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        KTS Patchnotes from the 12/16/2019 <- US EU -> 16/12/2019
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        • JustBrowsing98
          JustBrowsing98 commented
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          what does that mean in English? A extra slot on staged pets for equips?

        • Fainewedd
          Fainewedd commented
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          s2 gets already 3 slot and then 1 more with each stage till s5 with 7 slots.
          I would rather take a mb balance 🙄

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        Updated: KTS Patchnotes from the 12/30/2019 <- US EU -> 30/12/2019

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          just wanted to say that the KTS has opened today as of 30th of January

          this could mean that we might see something new in the upcoming weeks or nothing at all


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            KTS Patchnotes from: 02/08/2020 <- US EU -> 08/02/2020

            I've been pretty busy since start of the year. Posts will come more frequently now.
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