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  • new epic / dung

    Hello, do you know anything about the new epic? When some new dungeon enters because dd it has been overcome a long time ago.

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    I am beyond exhausted with dd.


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      Same... DD is soo annoying with all the rooms, bugged pillars, doors, mobs and nonstop running around, getting stacked alot, teleporting in and out and lagging around 1 NPC, cuz sometimes 4 full parties meet out there..nobody abble to click to enter, especially when some idiot goes afk.. should be easier for leveling.if there was option like hardcore dung, where u can get movs respawned in some short.time, 1 big room (something like takin fast room with the different stages DD mobs /bossess)


      • Confusion
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        Sounds like a regular 1 hour dd party lol. Until the tank gets annoyed and leaves... everyone is on growth and crying about it.

      • JustBrowsing98
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        Why would the tank get annoyed and leave? Just find a decent healer, run Yushy and soul cards and a healer pet and a tank should never have an issue except running in to the pile in s6 room 60 and the healer gets silenced and the rest of the team are so bad they don't notice the tank dying and don't use their own heal pets to keep him alive..

        Mind you, some of the terribad s3 and s4 parties full of power levelled people are a very different story...

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      I am more bummed about the fact how lazy and ugly the DD level design is VISUALLY, it's just so dull and feels like devs had to smash something together really fast. I just can't step my foot into that place and it's the sole reason I've never went past lv180 on any of my characters in 10 years I've played. Feels like Circus all over again- another incredibly ugly and depressing place to look at.

      I miss dungeons like Moonlight, LM, CV, PP and Sanct. Going to those places and leveling in those places always felt immersive and exciting!
      Hope we get to see dungeons and leveling places like those again in the future!


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        I hope new dungeon coming soon ... sick of DD..


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          They Need To Turn Ursa into a New Dungeon of Mobs Angels / Mortals Like Really Ursa is Not used noone goes there so turn it into a new 210 Dungeon